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Friends of the FCSBM Membership


You can still show your support for our core values by joining the Coalition as a "Friend of the Coalition" for a one-time $25 donation (or more). Membership will last through Dec 31, 2015.

While it is a non-voting membership class you can still review the material that will be posted on our members' only blog and keep up with current trends, and most importantly show your support to the success of the Coalition.

We ask that you donate at least $25, by clicking the button to the left, but have left the top end open.

You can decide whether or not you wish to have your donation posted to the page by selecting a box at check out. Thank YOU!

Use the online credit card function to the left. If you're more of a paper and offline person but still want to be part of the coalition, please send a note specifying that you wish to become a founding member and include a check in the amount of $25 payable to FCSBM 

and mail it to:

Membership- Florida Coalition of School Board Members

P.O. Box 1602 

Vero Beach, FL 32961


 Contact Us.  via email

Or Call- (850) 270-6327

 and request more information